How to make test setup more maintainable, readable, and reusable with composition.   more
 elixir  tests

How to trigger tests and other checks when a change happens in your project   more
 cli  elixir  tests

When to use or not use the partitioning key in indexes on partitioned tables   more


It is difficult to stay on an even emotional keel when working on code in a team. Check out some thoughts that helped me along the way.   more

Speed up slow CI compile times by caching dialyzer persistent lookup tables   more
 ci  dialyzer  elixir  erlang

Find slow queries using a built-in Postgres view.   more

Improve the testing of async processes such as GenServers, Tasks, and GenStage pipelines.   more
 elixir  testing

It's hard to keep your pull requests small when you don't know how long you will need to wait for a code review. Graphite allows you to stack up pull requests without pain.   more
 git  github  graphite

Make updates incremental and low-risk through automation   more
 dependabot  dependencies  elixir  github

How to speed up PostgreSQL migrations on Continuous Integration services (and locally) using database structure dumps   more
 ecto  elixir  postgres

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