How to make test setup more maintainable, readable, and reusable with composition.   more
 elixir  tests

How to trigger tests and other checks when a change happens in your project   more
 cli  elixir  tests

Speed up slow CI compile times by caching dialyzer persistent lookup tables   more
 ci  dialyzer  elixir  erlang

Improve the testing of async processes such as GenServers, Tasks, and GenStage pipelines.   more
 elixir  testing

Make updates incremental and low-risk through automation   more
 dependabot  dependencies  elixir  github

How to speed up PostgreSQL migrations on Continuous Integration services (and locally) using database structure dumps   more
 ecto  elixir  postgres

How to find bottlenecks in your Elixir code using Erlang tools   more
 elixir  erlang  profiling

A quick example for testing your GraphQL queries   more
 absinthe  elixir  graphql  phoenix  testing

Step by step instructions to set up acceptance testing that actually works   more
 ci  cypress  elixir  phoenix

Simple commands to install oh-my-zsh   more
 asdf  elixir  linux  ruby

A simplistic introduction to associations with Ecto in Phoenix   more
 ecto  elixir  phoenix

Create a ton of files with a single command   more
 ecto  elixir  phoenix

Step by step instructions for deploying a Phoenix app to production   more
 digitalocean  dokku  elixir  phoenix  postgres

A dump of my current settings.json   more
 elixir  phoenix  vscode

A dump of my current settings.json   more
 elixir  ruby  vscode

A quick list of useful commands for a developer coming from Rails   more
 elixir  phoenix

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