Add a Bootstrap datetime picker to your forms.


Alan Vardy
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Install Bootstrap, Simple-form, Font-awesome, and Effective_form_inputs

Add your gems

# Gemfile

gem 'bootstrap', '~> 4.3.1'
gem 'jquery-rails'
gem 'simple_form'
gem 'font-awesome-sass', '~> 5.8.1'
gem 'effective_form_inputs'

Add the following to your application.scss

@import "bootstrap";
@import "font-awesome-sprockets";
@import "font-awesome";
@import "effective_form_inputs";

Add the following to your application.js

//= require jquery3
//= require popper
//= require bootstrap-sprockets
//= require effective_form_inputs

Install Simple-form

rails generate simple_form:install --bootstrap

For this example I will use the Event model which already has a time attribute.

Store the js_input options in Event.rb. Here I have set the datetime format and overwritten the default paid FontAwesome icons with a free set. Check out the format syntax here

# event.rb

    format: 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm',
    showTodayButton: true,
    icons: {
      time: 'fa fa-clock-o',
      date: 'fa fa-calendar',
      up: 'fa fa-arrow-up',
      down: 'fa fa-arrow-down',
      previous: 'fa fa-chevron-left',
      next: 'fa fa-chevron-right',
      today: 'fa fa-calendar-check-o',
      clear: 'fa fa-delete',
      close: 'fa fa-times'

Finally, use the following code for your form field

<%= f.input :time, as: :effective_date_time_picker, input_js: Event::DATEPICKER_JS %>
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