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Lint your Haml files in VS Code

Created: 2019-04-05 | Updated: 2019-06-01
Tags: Haml, Ruby, Visual Studio Code

Next to ERB, haml can be a bit overwhelmimg. The code is terse and (unlike ERB) indentation really matters.

I didn't realise until recently that linting haml is an option, and want to share m...

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Convert Textile files to Markdown with a shell script

Created: 2019-01-18 | Updated: 2019-01-18
Tags: Linux, Shell Scripting

Oh no! You have a ton of textile files which look like they are going the way of Betamax, and you wish that they were Markdown instead! Shell scripting to the rescue!

Install pandoc


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Add an administrative account

Created: 2018-12-21 | Updated: 2018-12-29
Tags: Bootstrap, Rails 5

So you want an administrative account, but don't want to scaffold out a whole Users model for just one login? Enter the simple admin login! There is no database used, your username and password are...

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