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VS Code Snippets for Phoenix

Created: 2019-04-26 | Updated: 2019-04-30
Tags: Visual Studio Code, Elixir, Phoenix

There is currently no Phoenix snippets for VS Code so I have made some of my own. You will need to add this to a json file and make sure that your html.eex file is recognized by VS Code properly. ...

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Deploy a Phoenix app with Dokku and Digital Ocean

Created: 2019-04-26 | Updated: 2019-11-27
Tags: Digital Ocean, Dokku, Elixir, Phoenix, Postgres

Credit to Jon Lunsford

Buy a domain name

I use Namecheap an...

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Elixir and Phoenix Commands for a Rails Developer

Created: 2019-04-16 | Updated: 2019-04-20
Tags: Elixir, Phoenix

New Mix Project

mix new project_name

New Phoenix Project

mix project_name

Install dependencies

(aka bundle)

mix depts.get

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