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Use Postgres for your development database

Created: 2018-12-15 | Updated: 2019-05-28
Tags: Linux, Postgres, Rails 5

So it has finally happened. You are tired of looking at your development server and its complete lack of database content. You want to import your production Postgres server's content, but SQLite3 ...

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Deploy a Rails app with Dokku and Digital Ocean

Created: 2018-12-13 | Updated: 2019-08-18
Tags: Digital Ocean, DNS, Dokku, Rails 5, Servers

Credit to Dave Kiss

Buy a domain name

I use Namecheap and have been happy with...

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Make a contact form with Mailgun

Created: 2018-12-11 | Updated: 2019-04-15
Tags: API, DNS, Rails 5, Servers, Bootstrap

Making a contact form can be surprisingly difficult, a number of pieces have to work together to make the magic happen and that is what this post is all about! For this article I am using:

  • Rub...

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